Panic Attacks That Don’t Look Like Panic Attacks And Why It’s Important

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Hi everyone

I hope this post finds you one of your good days and if not, please accept a virtual hug.

This post came to mind fairly recently, after noting that in the many, many articles I have read about panic attacks, the consensus is that during one of these events a person may feel these things:

Difficulty breathing

Chest tightness or pain

Wanting to avoid places or people

Phobic avoidance (Constantly finding yourself avoiding particular situations)

Agoraphobia (A fear of open spaces)

Nausea, Lightheadedness and sweating

Of course, just because they are all listed like this, it doesn’t mean that a person will experience all of these things at the same time; and lets be honest, one of these things is bad enough. The thing is, these symptoms are very common in people who suffer from these horrible attacks, and it is good to be aware of them.


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