When Secrets are Weighing you Down …

Don't Lose Hope

The mind replays what the heart can’t delete.”

There are secret traumas that are hard to share, and because we can’t share them, we don’t get support, and we end up carrying the burden alone. This intensifies the sense of isolation. Secret traumas like incest, sexual abuse, being married to a person with a sexual addiction, having someone in your family who’s in prison for a crime … And this is just a sample; the list goes on and on.

But what happens when we have to keep this secret to ourselves, and can’t share the torment with anyone at all?

“You ‘carry’ a secret. You feel ‘burdened’ by a secret. Your secret ‘weighs’ on you.” – Michael Slepian

1. We feel overwhelmed by anxiety and shame … And that anxiety and shame has nowhere to go. It just keeps on building up inside of us.

2. We…

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