Journal Prompts for Processing Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

One of the worst things when you’ve been traumatized, is dealing with the triggers that hound and follow you. The following questions are designed to help with this. They can help you process feelings and traumatic memories.

When answering the questions, try to find a time and place where you feel relaxed and calm, and where you won’t be disturbed.

Let’s begin ….

1.What is the story you tell yourself, when you start to re-experience the trauma?

2. How do you typically feel (your emotions) and react?

3. What is the most uncomfortable emotion, and what makes this feel so uncomfortable?

4. What is the scariest reaction, and why?

5. If you find yourself being triggered by a person (or type of person), what do you see in that person (type of person)?

6. Who played down your traumatic experience, or wanted you to “shut up”, and not talk about…

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