Concussion diagnosis in 15 minutes?

Epilepsy Talk

Can a video game detect a concussion?

Not exactly. But a computerized test, similar to a video game can do just that!

Skip the CT scans which often miss concussions — an oversight that can lead to lifelong consequences if left unchecked. This new blood test can actually pick up on brain abnormalities that the scans can’t see.

Although millions of Americans have experienced traumatic brain injuries, many are misdiagnosed. Especially if not detected.

And get this: 5 out of 10 concussions go undetected!

Needless to say, patients suspected of having a concussion or internal bleeding are in grave danger. Long-term neurological complications like migraine headaches, memory and concentration problems, dizziness, mood swings, poor coordination, headaches and other symptoms that can reduce the quality of life.

But with a simple spin of a small blood sample in a centrifuge, the plasma is separated from other blood components.

And the results…

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