How to Cope with Betrayal Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

When you’re facing a real crisis like betrayal trauma, it can help if you know the kinds of steps you need to take to cope with the impact this had on your psyche.  

The following are crucial for your recovery:

1. You need to fully recognize that you’re in a state of crisis, and admit to yourself that you’ve been traumatized. This is a prerequisite for seeking help.

2. Recognize that your recovery will lie in your own hands. At the end of the day, it is really up to you to get the kind of help which will enable you to:

– manage and deal with your traumatic responses (which are likely to be powerful, unpredictable and scary)

– enable you to cope with your daily life right now, and

– help you to recover, and rebuild your life.

3. “Build a fence” around the…

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