Moving is medicine, #Health #Fitness

Soul talks

Some diseases are not causes but the outcomes of consequences. Indisciplined life is one of them. Less to say and more to action will make a man healthy.
Eating at the right time,
Waking at the right time,
And moving in between will burn your calories.
Body inertia is storing your calories hence increasing your fat and obesity. Disposing of the accumulated fat in one go by gymming is harmful as you rigorously wake up your body to shake it at large. As this may result in wear and tear of muscles.

I neither deny tremendous benefits of effective gymming nor the modern equipment that contours your body but the disciple and moderate time of doing the exercises should be maintained. However, you need to hear your body. The aches are the voices you can’t ignore.

As we have witnessed the fatal effects of rigorous gymming it’s an alarm to…

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