Rope Skipping: The Underdog of My Recovery.

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

*Do not attempt to start jumping rope without your parent’s permission, or doctor’s permission and importantly do not start just because it worked for someone else.

I had accepted my condition as an epileptic. I suppose I was somewhere in the middle. I mean writing it now is easy but back then it was like taking a spoonful of bitter medicine. I had taken the medicine and gulped it, trying not to reverse and vomit it out. Was it easy, nope absolutely not! I felt like my life changed in an instant. One moment I was getting coffee and just minding my own business, another moment I got up at a chaotic place like a bank robbery or worse. I felt like a character from a film who got up, all hazy, a little blank, with only a few spots of memory. I had two choices, either cry and complain…

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