“Tough shit don’t drink” 10/21

The daily addict

I am sure there are many old timers in recovery that have used the phrase “Tough shit don’t drink” but I have one man in mind who said it at meetings frequently and has long since passed away.

This man was called Sweed. He was a very tall animated Swedish man.

When I first came into recovery he frightened the hell out of me. He was loud and passionate and almost on the verge of angry when he spoke. But he believed that no matter what…you don’t drink.

He stated numerous times: “Even if your ass falls off you put it in a wheelbarrow and bring it to a meeting.”

And one of my all time favorites…is a bit crass but I needed to hear it:

“If someone is pissing all over your face…MOVE OUT OF THE WAY.”

I am very thankful to this man for showing up especially…

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