I Subconsciously Refused Psychological Help!

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

*Trigger Warning – This post deals with mental health, suicidal behaviour and topics people normally avoid. So if you are one of them or a person in recovery, I request you to stop reading this.*

Hey there, reader! Hope you are well and life’s treating you well. This post came to me out of some inspiration while talking to a close friend and confidant. But also made me realise how far we have come as humans yet we covered mere distance and not the thought process behind the journey.

Anyway, philosophy aside, I wanted to confess something to you and folks in the world out there. I mean it’s just for the record. I have had issues. I have had issues in the past, maybe present but perhaps (fingers crossed) in future as well. Well, these issues were unattended by me, I failed to reconcile and bring them to my…

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