Don’t Bury Your wounds

Don't Lose Hope

When there’s a fresh wound in your heart, keep it open until it heals. Air it out. Understand it. Dive into it. Be fierce enough to become it. If you ignore it, it won’t be able to breath. If you ignore it, it will merely deepen, spread, and resurface later, wanting to release. And when later happens, it will hurt even more; because when later happens, you won’t know what you’re bleeding for … Remain open to feel free.”

Victoria Erickson

This is such wise advice. Society trains us to bury our wounds. To pretend that we don’t hurt. To pretends that we’re OK. Both to ourselves, and in front of the world.

But we’re not OK. We can’t possibly be OK. Deep wounds cause a lot of damage. Damage that’s too deep to judge at the world that it didn’t affect us, and we’re just the same…

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