Can we Rebuild After Betrayal? An Interview with Chloe

Don't Lose Hope

Counselor: You told me you chose to stay with your husband after you learned of the betrayal. That was 6 years ago. I can imagine it’s been a very difficult journey. Can you tell me a bit about it?

Chloe: There have been so many losses to deal with, and the losses come up constantly. You think that you’ve finally dealt with everything, then something happens, and you feel the pain again. And then you have to grieve all over again.

Sometimes I feel I’m on a merry go-round that I can never get off.

Counselor: That sounds exhausting.

Chloe: Yes. It is exhausting. And sometimes I feel as if I want to give up. But the thing is, I love my husband and, despite everything, I still want us to be together.

It’s been very difficult trying to figure out what the truth of the past has…

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