One October

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Image: Honey Child

One October

‘I am a woman seeking a moss covered cottage deep in the forest surrounded by fae folk and and botanical gardens where I can bake bread in bliss’ ~ (Ellie Twitters)

In Numerology

October Represents ‘ONE’

Meaning: Original. Independent. Unique. Innovative.

Stop dilly dallying

Too many of us have tried to tone ourselves down for family and friends, only to later learn that we are suppressing the best things about ourselves.

This is the right time to begin.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Stay focused and then write your intention for your new beginning. Know that this is part of your life purpose.

You might mingle with the world, but you know that there’s no other joy, like the joy of being your unique self. There are people who will love you for it.

Your challenge this October will be…

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