A Day in the Life of an Advocate: August & September Podcast Episodes

The Advocacy Life

In the August issue of my podcast. I’m trying to introduce myself to my audience. I relaunched my blog a few months ago but not the podcast. This is an attempt to get to know me and share this with your friends. Help me create disability awareness one conversation at a time. For more information please visit my website. Episodes will occur monthly.

podcast link

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Power of Voting September 2022 podcast episode

In the September episode of my podcast, I discuss the power of voting for the disability community. For so long our community was forced into silence by voting we ensure our voice is heard on Sep 19, 2022, I attended the New Jersey Rev up voting event. These are my recollections of the day. For more information please visit my website https://advocatekevinnunez.wordpress.com/

podcast audio


YouTube Broadcast

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