Protective Walls or Prison Walls?

Don't Lose Hope

Make sure that the walls you build to protect yourself do not become a prison.” – Yung Pueblo

The Dilemma Around Having a Trusting, Open heart

It is verydifficult when you have trusted someone deeply … and you’ve shared your true self with them … then that person broke your heart. The damage that it causes affects everything in life. It changes you completely. You lose your innocence.

Why We Build Walls

And in fact, it is instinctive to protect ourselves from harm – so we are never wounded or hurt like this again. And taking this position is an act of real self-love. It says that: “I have value, and I won’t be pushed around.”

The Problems Around Building Walls

But problems can arise when these strong walls become so solid that no-one can get near us, or ever touch our heart. And, yes…

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