Grateful Heart

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Today’s been quite busy, my friends! I hadn’t forgotten about you, though! As the day went on, life got crazy. I was peopling.. In cars.. mingling in the general public!

Yup!! It’s true!

But, let me focus on the good and right things that happened, today.

  • I FINALLY cleaned out the junk on my 3rd row of seats in my car!! It just feels so much better!! I had gardening fencing and the grass weed stuff.. summer beach sand toys.. umbrellas! Haha! Seriously, something for every season.
  • My kids and I went to our favorite restaurant! They were well behaved. The food was amazing. The place wasn’t overly crowded. I treated my little helpers; they worked so hard on the cleaning.
  • I was able to talk to this super sweet and funny guy! I’ve known him for years now; but, I never took the time to really get to know…

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