It’s a Gift

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

I spent most of my adult life overthinking. Most of my fears and anxiety stem from scenarios in my mind. Many of them weren’t realistic; most never happened at all.

I analyzed every detail. I panicked over every possibility. I made myself sick with what ifs, could have’s, should be’s, and the rest of my madness.

Why am I like that? Honestly, I thought it was an irreversibly and incurably character flaw. Until two days ago, I hadn’t any thought in changing.

Late Saturday night, I came across an article called Person explains why children from abusive families overanalyze, jeopardize their relationships.

My mind was blown! Here was some words, published because a writer and an individual had a message. The message was significant enough to send it out to the public, for reading.

Then, I found it. The content opened my heart and eyes to possibilities, ones I…

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