How to Stay on Top of Life when you Feel Depressed

Don't Lose Hope

The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending that you’re not.”

Some basic advice for those bleak, tough days ….

1. Acknowledge how you feel, and accept that this is going to be a more challenging day. Call it for what it is, and respect your limits.

2. Commit to doing only the absolute essentials. Don’t push yourself to do anything more than.

3. Prioritize what’s important right now. For example, if you have a report that has to be submitted, then choose to work on that. However, if it is something that can wait, set it aside for the moment.

4. Work through your (short!) to-do list in small chunks of time – making sure you get plenty of breaks.

5. Talk to someone who will understand. If you can’t talk face to face, then call or text. Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. We…

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