Let’s Talk about Breadcrumbing

Don't Lose Hope

The term breadcrumbing has its origins in the story of Hansel and Gretel. Basically, it’s where someone shows an interest in us, then leads us along with the expectation that this could well lead to something great for us. It can happen in a work setting, in friendships, and in romantic relationships.

However, after being drawn in, and strung along for some time, we end up disappointed, and we feel that we were used. Or, at the very least we feel we’ve been deceived.

The kinds of experiences that confirm this to us are: Someone else is chosen for the promotion we were promised; or flirtations end with us being emotionally abandoned when that person moves on to somebody new.

Also, it can happen in a marriage, or a long-term partnership, when our partner has betrayed us, and then led us to believe they were absolutely sorry, and were committed…

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