The thing 9/7

The daily addict

I was sitting with my friend Bootsie the other day. He is someone who has helped me tremendously in my recovery. He has over 30 years clean and is still as silly as a new comer some days.

Anyways, he asked me a question regarding the thing that I liked the most about recovery meetings. He said some people like to speak, some people like to help set up…what is your thing?

I answered that I liked to observe. I like to see all of the little kindnesses that are happening amongst the strangers.

I liked to see and witness the spiritual and unconditional love that is happening in the room.

The malnourished heroin addict helping the 80 year old alcoholic with her coat.

Someone handing another a tissue as they are in tears. No questions are asked…just the acknowledgement that they are being seen and cared…

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