What “stuck” to keep me sober 9/6

The daily addict

My good friend Dwight asked me this question in regards to the last detox and rehab that I went to. He wanted to know “what stuck”.

It is no secret many addicts/alcoholics cannot or will not stop using. I attended the same detox and rehab with many people who are still using today…and some have actually died.

I had the same opportunities, same rooms, food, friends, classes….but why am I sober and they are not?

It’s grace. It’s the unexplainable. It’s the unseen but we know is there.

I was a stumbling drunken high mess on my front lawn one day trying to get my son off of the bus and he was wiping his tears away from his cheeks saying “I got it” ….”I’m ok”.

That moment took me to a place in my heart that had never been touched or available before. I went to detox. I…

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