Recovered Vs Weight Restored

Cara's Corner

As you may know, one of the myths I try so very hard to challenge is that you need to be thin to have an eating disorder.

I have been diagnosed with anorexia or purging disorder at various stages of my life, with anorexia overshadowing most of it. In an earlier post I discussed how actually, I have perhaps struggled more mentally when I’ve not been underweight because I’ve felt like I’m not ‘sick enough’, which is something we hear time and time again from people with eating disorders existing outside of anorexia (which most of them do).

I’ve also been honest before about how I don’t consider myself to be completely recovered. I am a work in progress. Am I as recovered as I will ever be? Quite possibly. But to look at me now, as a healthy weight, it probably wouldn’t occur to anybody that I am not…

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