How to Cope with Tough Experiences

Don't Lose Hope

Still, I rise.” – Maya Angelou

All of us deal with tough experiences in life. Times when we feel lost and completely overwhelmed. Times when we “just feel”, and we don’t know where to turn. Below are some suggestions to help cope with these.

1. Write about it: Have you ever typed out an angry e-mail, and then deleted it before you sent it? Usually, you still feel a whole lot better even thought the message was never sent. There is something about writing that is therapeutic. It helps us to sort through, and to organize, our thoughts. Also, writing can often offer us emotional release, new perspective on our lives, other people, and events.

Some guidelines to help you with the writing process …

– Set aside a fixed period of time (such as 15 minutes a day, each day, for the next week) to write about…

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