It’s been a year…

Beauties With Beasts

It’s been one year.
A lot has changed.
Things have become clearer.
Actions speak louder than words.
Love is simple.
Water heals.
People are great and people suck.
Loss in any form serves a purpose.
True colors shine through.
The truth always comes out.

Soak up the sun.
Enjoy life.
Be grateful for those that properly love you.
Heal the trauma.
Don’t force people to stick around.
Stop ignoring the red flags.
Fight for those worth fighting for.
Hold onto the good stuff.
Let go of what tries to destroy you.
Advocate for yourself.
Good people appreciate the effort.
Better people help lift you.
The best people fight along side you in your battles.

Learn to trust your gut.
It’s been right from the start.

Know your worth.


I heard once…if life goes smoothly, you’ll never have the chance to grow up.

I’m sure it was something like…

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