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‘This is a good month, to wander into the forest, only to come back with antlers, a thousand yard stare and the ability to speak to the earth’  ~ (Odysseyeight)


Tarot Card for September:

Key 9: The Hermit

Meaning: Solitude. Contemplation. Introspection.


Inhale Confidence

Exhale Doubt


We are not machines. 

It’s okay to step away from the hustle and bustle of the world.


Why is it so hard to hear our own inner voice?

Some people have lost their sense of silence. In fact they can’t face silence. They keep themselves busy doing something or the other. It may be work or during leisure it may be surfing net, chatting, watching TV, playing games on mobiles or computers, reading, gossiping and so on.

We don’t always need to be productive and on the go at all times. Maybe it’s because we…

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