Good question George 8/31

The daily addict

The brothers that I nanny for Clayton 4 and George 6 are full of life. They are constantly challenging my perception of things.

Yesterday was our last beach day before George went off to school. We were burying Clay in the sand and then George asks “Danielle can you google how many pieces of sand there are?”

Me and my skeptical adult mind thought there could not possibly be an accurate answer but I said yes and grabbed my phone to google.

There was an answer. Not what I had expected. It gave a number of 7.5 sextillion sand grains. That is the number 75 followed by 17 zeros.

Then while reading into it I found a very interesting article written by an astronomer named Bob Berman. He stated : “There are about the same number of stars in the observable universe as there are sand grains in all…

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