The Same but Different

Seizure Mama and Rose

Chapter 49 of Seizure Mama and Rose by Flower Roberts (Amazon)

Any medication change brought its own changes in Rose. Sometimes she got lethargic. Other times she got aggressive. Some medications caused headaches while others caused nausea. One even greatly increased her appetite.
But there is one medication we all know by name. It is on her charts as an allergy. It gets its own story because of all the trouble it caused. When you are down, you remember what kicked you while you were lying there helpless. This drug hit her hard even before she fell and she remembers it. This is the story of our experience with that medication…and its twin.
When a person has had seizures as long as Rose has, the medication choices get more and more limited. We had already tried the main anti-epilepsy drugs in various combinations. If they worked in the beginning, some…

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