Straightening out Some Relationship Myths

Don't Lose Hope

Relationship myths including the following:

1. It take two to tango; both partners share responsibility when there’s a broken relationship. Not true. Often it’s the case that one of partners has more serious issues than the other partner, or brings more baggage to the relationship. For example, they may not be able to securely attach, or they may have an alcohol or porn addiction. Hence, they are the cause of the problems you are having. Being told otherwise is a form of gaslighting.

2. We are drawn to destructive partners because of something that happened in our past. Not true. Often our partners seemed loving, fun and charming at the start of the relationship. It was only later on that the mask came off, and we saw these other – harmful – aspects of themselves.

3. You can always find a way forward if you’re prepare to compromise.

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