Stress and seizures…

Epilepsy Talk

Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t plan on having epilepsy.

But here we are.

And we all know thatstress is #1 in the hit parade of seizure triggers.

Endless surveys prove the fact.

Most people think of stress as being related only to unpleasant or sad times in their lives.

However, even “happy” stress can trigger seizures!

Sometimes, seizures occur immediately after a sudden and very stressful event.

Othertimes, there might be a delay of hours or days.

There are some people who have seizureswhen there is a release from stress that has been present for a long time.

For example, you might have a seizure on a Saturday or Sundayafter a particularly stressful week.

(I used to have one everyFriday night like clockwork after a week in the wonderful world of advertising.)

But most of us associate stress with negative feelings.

Fear, worry, fright, anxiousness.

Tension, sadness…

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