A new life – from epilepsy to brain surgery

Epilepsy Talk

Leanne Chilton, triumphant author of“Seizure-Free: From Epilepsy to Brain Surgery, I Survived and You Can, Too!”is a proudsurvivor and has a wealth of wisdom to share.

“We can’t control the future,”she says.“But we can make every attempt to improve the quality of our lives.”

With a seizure disorder, you are condemned tofearing a life without either freedom or control.

And after surviving brain surgery, you’ll still be questioned by society on your sanity and well-being.

You’ll have to work ten times as hard to prove that you can make it in this world, and you will have to overcome a lot of disbelief and rejection in the process.

After surgery, there is a very real transformation you have to go through.

Acceptance that you DID have epilepsy, perhaps denial that you have had brain surgery, and the realization that you’ve lived.

Sometimes the reality itself is…

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