Types of Learning

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

While in college, I experienced a glimpse of nearly every aspect of teaching. By the time I walked across the stage, I had a significantly greater appreciation of the profession. It’s complexity is something I’ve never seen.

There’s lengthy background knowledge, several unique academy environments, and even more variety in the practice of teaching/learning.

One particular area I enjoyed studying, was called the 8 Learning Styles. These are also known as Multiple Intelligences. I believe this is one of the most critical aspects because it emphasizes the significance of individuality. As a teacher, his/her responsibility is to teach (Duh right!). He/She must understand the students well enough to bridge the teaching with their learning.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Picture Source

The list includes:

  • Logical-Mathematical: logic smart
  • Naturalistic: nature smart
  • Intrapersonal: self smart
  • Visual-Spatial: picture smart
  • Musical: music smart
  • Bodily- Kinesthetic: body smart
  • Interpersonal:…

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