Breathing your stress away…

Epilepsy Talk

A little while ago,when I went to my doc, I told him I felt like I wasjumping out of my skin. I’m already maxed out on meds, so he suggested breathing exercises as a complimentary addition to my regimen.

I’ve started them and already, I feel better!

And, not surprisingly, I’m not the only one…

“In a survey of 177 patients, 58 per cent cited that seizures occurred more frequently when they were stressed. And most of us already know from experience that stress is the most frequent trigger of seizures, and can also cause sleep deprivation and fatigue.

Then, in a more recent survey of 89 patients, 64 per cent of people with epilepsy reported that they believed stress increased the frequency of their seizures. 32 per cent had tried stress reduction techniques, and of those who hadn’t, 53 per cent were willing to try.” (Michelle Bellon, PhD)

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