Distinguishing Between Emotional Dumping and Healthy Venting

Don't Lose Hope

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between emotional dumping and healthy venting. The former might feel good to the person doing the dumping but, ultimately, it doesn’t change their situation and it may harm their relationships with the listener.  

Emotional dumping is marked by the following traits:

– It feels non-productive (at the very least) and, more typically, feels toxic and destructive.

– It feels like you are being used.

– It is also likely you feel trapped by that person. You feel pinned down, as if you can’t escape.

– The person appears to be unconcerned about your emotional state, and the impact their dumping might have upon you.

– It feels like person has no respect for your time, your feelings, and whether you want to participate or not (in listening to their feelings and grievances). In fact, your wants and needs are irrelevant to them.

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