A Better Start #2: Before You Sleep

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

This morning, I was talking with our talented & noticeably handsome Kevin (I’m not ashamed to mention! Check out his blog and give him some support, please!) about my spiritual practices. Subjects like yoga, fasting, meditation, and writing came up.

I realized that my type of spiritual expression is through the arts. While I do occasional meditation, more often than not, I’m painting, creating, and writing.

When I’m searching, music and Pinterest spark a fire within; and, I keep following the trains of thought. Once I’ve found “it”, the draft begins! Literally, it’s when I’m writing my posts that I’m growing and changing. The reactions are 1st hand, as I experience it.

Last night, I wanted a “Wow!” something to share with you, today. I wanted something that would be hard to forget, even if you tried!

I think I found it!!

Before you begin, PLEASE

Grab a writing utensil…

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