The time … my husband got depressed

Ellie the Crunch

So I am used to this.

Took me 12 years to see the pattern but now is clear.

He has years of very productive years, he barely sleeps, he is social, slowly he becomes cocky and arrogant, starts mistreating his family and BAM then crashes.

He is currently miserable but honestly I like him better this way, he is finally harmless.

He sleeps a lot, he is not arrogant anymore. True, he is not as productive at work, but finally he is not mistreating us anymore.

When he gets to this stage he usually seeks medical intervention because he can’t handle it. He desperately tries to get out of this depressive state.

Ideally he should be on some sort of stabilizer all the time but he enjoys his high too much too give them up.

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