A peaceful life vividly lived


A peaceful life vividly lived

By no means belongs our life to us –

on its own it marvelously exists

and shapes all kinds of living beings

to make itself real, shared and perceived.

“Hard to believe we’re not its masters ”,

ad nauseam pessimists would say,

“like mere puppets we loyally obey

each and every miracle and disaster

that our ancestors likewise performed

in their earlier, short theater play.”

Yet the same immemorial well’s

never had two equal-tasting drops –

they either drown in boundless abundance,

or freshly revive the thirsty crops,

for from the cradle to the grave before us

in the small acts in between we’re free

to choose compassion, unity and kindness

over an unfairly written history.

Just like a noble, unbridled horse

bravely galloping on land, sea and sky,

life, untamed, keeps following its course

covering wide fields and pleasant tides,

enduring deep vales…

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