acquired brain injuries.

at least i have a brain

ABI’s are caused not diagnosed. They are the resultant of many problems and conditions.

In many ways…


a diagnosis EVENTUALLY with chiari malformation.

brain surgeries :

  • Brain Surgeries:
    • full foramen magnum decompression – 8 hours long- December 2013
      • dura cut.
      • several vertebrae filed down
      • descending brain tissue cauterised (“substantial chiari malformation”)

  • Burr-hole surgery to remove a benign haemangioma on the left of my parietal lobe. December 2013

  • leaking brain fluid…. wakening up in a puddle at home …. then after emergency ambulance transfer to neurosurgical ward again…..many more times….it was scary… December 2013- February 2014

  • i didn’t know that brain fluid was clear and should contain no white cells… my didn’t. Meningitis Chemically induced by the surgeries. 8 weeks of having brain fluid (cerebral spinal fluid) tapped off 10 ml/hour day and night. January 2014
  • this is a diagnosis of hydrocephalus – as was the “soppy dura” that…

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