How to Carry On when You Feel Stuck in Eating Disorder Recovery

Cara's Corner

Feeling ‘stuck’ in eating disorder recovery is really common.

You might feel like you’ve made some (or even a lot) of progress, but then you hit a wall and stagnate. Recovery fatigue is very real, and it’s hard to maintain the same momentum every day. I certainly reached a point for a number of months were I felt completely hopeless that I’d ever move past the stage I was at, but luckily I had an amazing therapist who stuck by me through that time and saw it through to the other side, where I started making some progress again. It wasn’t just therapy that got me out of that place though, so I thought I’d share some tips that might help you if you feel you’re in a bit of a recovery rut.

Write down all the things you’ve been able to do since starting recovery
This can help you…

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