Things You Should Know if You’ve Been Betrayed

Don't Lose Hope

There are things that you should know if you’ve been betrayed, or you’ve learned that your partner has led a double life (This includes an addiction to pornography or sex).

  1. Let’s begin with trust. Trust is at the heart of all relationships. It is normal to expect to take your partner at their word. And it’s normal to assume that you don’t still have to check to see if that person is trustworthy or not. It should be a given in a close relationship.
  2. You were not naïve; you were deliberately deceived. He didn’t want you to know, and he hid the truth from you.
  3. Once trust has been destroyed it isn’t easy to rebuild. There will always be that fear at the back of your mind. Even when you feel he’s changed, and you think he’s honest now, that simple, carefree trust might not ever be regained.
  4. This…

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