Missing the Window

Seizure Mama and Rose

Chapter 43 frommemoir, Seizure Mama and Rose by Flower Roberts (Amazon)

After the “woodstove” seizure we scheduled another week at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at our favorite hospital. This was our third trip to an EMU. We knew what to expect. Rose was homebound from school.She was nineteen years old. Her senior project was about all the types of epilepsy surgeries and their success rates. We all knew that surgery might be her only hope.
All the stops were pulled out for this visit. We needed a special test to pinpoint the source of her seizures. The procedure required two sets of data for comparison. One SPECT would be done between seizures(inter-ictal) and the other would be done during a seizure. I will not pretend to understand all this. I know that to get the pictures needed, radioactive dye has to be injected before the scans.
We got the…

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