Coping with an Eating Disorder in the Summer Months

Cara's Corner

Managing recovery from an eating disorder is challenging at the best of times, but there are various factors that can make it more or less so.

I am a total summer baby. I love the sun and being outdoors, and I’d much rather be warm than cold (especially as I’ve spent so much time being cold as a result of my anorexia). However, there are things about the summer that can make recovery feel difficult. That being said, I thought it might be useful to share some of my tips for getting through the hotter months.

Adapt your diet if you need to
This is a tricky one because eating disorders are so sneaky, so you’d have to be really honest with yourself about where you are in your recovery before making changes to how you are eating (for example, if you still need a meal plan it’s important to…

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