The time … husband crashed

Ellie the Crunch

So apparently this is a cycle with bipolar people, they get manic and eventually crash.

The manic stage this time lasted 4 years, you read that right: 4 YEARS. With the peak being last month.

During his manic time he is extremely productive, arrogant, self confident, positive and … an a**hole.

It doesn’t start that bad though, it escalates slowly until it becomes unbearable for everybody, himself included.

And finally he crashes. How? For the most part falls into depression. When he fails into depression he is totally harmless which is great for me and the kids, no yelling, no anger … very mellow. Finally we can breathe!

Now he is all loving, he comes to me and tells me he appreciates me and is sorry for everything he has done to me. That he realizes that every time he is nasty to me and the kids he ends up…

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