Food for Thought

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Just because it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Just because you can’t see the reason, doesn’t make the purpose obsolete.

Just because the situation is uncomfortable, doesn’t allow you to disregard it.

We’re not meant to understand everything at one time. Give time a chance.

Seize Every Opportunity to Fulfill Your Legacy!

Nova Namstè

I never held my hand out and asked for something free

I got pride I could roll out for miles in front of me

I don’t need your help, and I don’t need sympathy

I don’t need you to lower the bar for me

I know I’m Superwoman, I know I’m strong

I know I’ve got this ’cause I’ve had it all along

I’m phenomenal and I’m enough

I don’t need you to tell me who to be

Kelly Clarkson

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