Try Something Else

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Out with the boring, in with the fun

🐊, 🦝, πŸ™, 🐞, πŸ¦•, 🐍, 🐸, 🦘, 🐭

🐊, 🦝, πŸ™, 🐞, πŸ¦•, 🐍, 🐸, 🦘, 🐭

These are so fun! Try using one in conversation. It might spark a memorable brief encounter. Kids remind us that little things can make someone’s day!

🐊, 🦝, πŸ™, 🐞, πŸ¦•, 🐍, 🐸, 🦘, 🐭

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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