Finding Yourself Again After Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

When you’ve experienced betrayal trauma, you may feel like you don’t know who you are anymore.

For a while, you are living in survival mode. And it takes all your energy to make it through the day.

But as you slowly start to process all the things that you’ve been through, you may start to miss yourself, and the person you once were.

But how do you connect with your authentic self again?

Here are some ideas that might help with this:

1. Consider doing something new and different. For example, experiment a bit to see if you can match an external experience with an internal experience. Teenagers do this all the time when they do things like dye their hair turquoise, or create a band with their friends.

Doing something new and different also includes giving yourself permission to break free from old narratives (or lies?) about yourself, and…

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