Lost Voice Guy Gig.

Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy) & Me!

Here it is as promised. After a meal at a local pub with my Wife, Daughter and Son in law it was of to see and hear ‘The Lost Voice Guy’ who is best known for winning Britain’s got talent in 2018.

I felt that The Lost voice Guy’s type of stand up comedy was different from that of your normal stand up comedian in the sense that his was part life story part comedy, where as your normal comedian is able to walk on and deliver the jokes/stories from memory. Lee has to use a computer to set up his routine. For someone with Cerebral palsy or Cerebral Lolsy as Lee calls it must take longer than a normal comedian setting up their routine.

Lee revealed to us how he came to have the name ‘Lost Voice Guy’ and that was when he was at school that’s what his nick name was.

It was good to see that either the theatre staff or someone from The Lost Voice Guy team had not only someone to sign for the deaf but someone to walk lee onto stage.

At the end of the gig he said he would be out in the entrance area signing books and for sellfies, so as you can see I got a sellfie. I also got the book “I’m only in it for the Parking”

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