Changes of plans

at least i have a brain

Bot really possible as a disabled person. And sadly having not always been disabled, i had choices – changes in venues, plans, destinations. Last minute decisions.


None of those. To

To go anywhere you have to scope the terrain, the lifts, the rooms, the restaurants. Yet that restriction is for all your family.

This is where the placatory bullshit about -the family love you being there- what ignorance and what a lot of bullshit.

My family love me but to imply my limited options are great for them? Wise up. They aren’t even enough for me. Tokenism and acceptance of, tolerance of …… “there’s her space”. That one table.

It pains me to see how effortless it is for my family without me. It is precisely that.

I wish them to be free.

To go away together.

To make memories.

To hop on planes. and go to concerts, events…

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