Went to a Reception and it felt good!

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

It is not every day that I go to an event. And for a period of the last two years including one year of lockdown, I had not felt that I had been somewhere. You know sometimes I feel like I have been coasting through the last two years. Just counting the days, instead of living them. Sometimes it’s vice versa. Over a period of the last nine months my schedule comprised of nothing but an office, study, food, sleep and repeat. Sure, I had my doses of anti-epileptics daily they are in the routine, count cycling in and occasional laughs here and there. But the majority of it comprised of wasteful hours (very few fruitful, in fact) in the office, dealing with a crappy work environment, bare minimum wages and dealing with even worse and selfish people at work. I mean they just know how to take and never…

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