Few Friday Thoughts

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

#1. Remember Everyone Deployed

Remember Our Deployed

This Monday, I encourage you to remember; not only, those who are no longer amongst us; but also, those still deployed. There’s still Veterans who’ve yet to come home from previous US battles.

#2. Closing Arguments in the JD vs AH Trial

Credit Unknown


The job in a courtroom, and that which Good Attornies will fulfill, is to provide SUFFICIENT evidence to support your case. Hearsay is not evidence. Words of verbal communication, unless knowingly aware of recorded or otherwise.. Is NOT sufficient. It’s not evidence. Johnny, as well as his legal team, has provided the physical proof.

#3. Unity in COMMunity

Image taken from WSJ NEWS

This isn’t about gun control. This isn’t about Police Accountability and public safety. This isn’t even about social media and the evidence of the “warning”. This is about these beautiful…

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