Wisdom Wednesday

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

A hero, Superman.. Mom, Grandpa..

The Queen of People’s Hearts.

King of Pop

The Elite.. not just in economic status.. but,

The pieces of themselves they left..

larger than life personality..

The one who knew just what to say..

A role model who saved you.. over and over..

From falling into the black abyss of dark and lost.

Remember her? Remember him? Them?

They were something extraordinary, weren’t they?

They held lives together, around you.

They went the extra mile.. and gave 150%.. every time.

All that was good..honorable.. pure.. beautiful.. and right in the world.. lead you right to their feet.

They prevailed as an indescribable group.

Always believing.

Always hoping.

Always trusting..

Knowing all along, we carried the same within us.

We just couldn’t see it.

– With Love,


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