The time … I was insulted for no reason.

Ellie the Crunch

Saturday I took the kids to the park. I am not too social so I do look around but I don’t really try to make friends.

At one point we saw one of my toddler’s friends … then I spotted his mother. She saw me and she waved at me so I felt I had to go say hi.

She was talking to 2 other religious women, the 3 of them were wearing long skirts with long sleeve shirts and a head covering in a 90 degree weather.

I was wearing light pink leggings and a denim button down shirt.

When I got closer one of these women, whom I had never met before, started talking to me, she had to urge to share with me her thoughts:’ you shouldn’t wear leggings, you are too skinny, you have 2 sticks for legs”.

Honestly I didn’t know how to answer and…

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